We are a team of online health and fitness coaches passionate about the outdoors and teaching you a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We teach and coach you through a very customized nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and workout plan that works for you and your life.


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Our goal is to guide you to feel your best, become unstoppable, and live the life you've dreamed of.  


Tana Grenda

Founder of Bristol Bay Fitness

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Don’t let your mind and body stop you from a successful hunt! Prepare now with your custom program.

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Why Bristol Bay Fitness? 

Everyone's story and challenges they face builds wisdom. When I built my team, I brought together a collection of outdoor-loving, adventurous coaches with different specialties that believed in customization with programming.

We believe that your life, your circumstances, your adventures, your time, and your body is unlike anybody elses, so your program should be too.

This ensures that we can meet you where you are at with the struggles you have, create your ultimate custom program, and help guide you to where you want to go.


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The ideal choice if you want a personalized plan that is tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Together, we’ll design a plan for your unique situation.

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"Tana is amazing and I follow all her coaches , they all bring great advice to the table. You cannot go wrong with any of them because they all care about you."


"I worked with JJ as my coach and she was amazing. At the conclusion of our time, I am pain free and in a much better place! Thank you so much!"


"I looked forward to Monday every single week for check ins! I am now able to fuel my body for what I want it to be able to whether that be hunting, changing my body composition, or hitting PRs in the gym. My mindset has changed completely too. I originally signed up for coaching with a scale goal and that eventually became what I was the least worried about."

- Joey

"For years I spent countless hours in the gym prepping for hunting season with no idea how to fuel and feed my body, especially on the mountain. My hunting partners would throw snickers bars at me to try to stop this hangry jerk.


Tana's coaching has up'ed the level. I have learned so much about nutriton, rest, stress, and hydration. All of that becomes performance.

There's no short cuts, it's a lot of hard work and totally worth it.

 In some ways, your body is like a rifle, and Tana will help you find the right load recipe."


"I drew a Tok tag and this was my fourth Alaskan mountain hunt, and while I felt like I was in fairly decent shape on my other hunts I thought I could be better. I was using a different virtual mountain training program and I didn't have the equipment I needed to continue with the program I was using when my gym shut down.


Tana was able to design a personalized program specifically for me based on my needs and the equipment I had at home. It got me ready to go in the mountains unlike previous years.

Not only did I have the fitness aspect, but the nutrition was such a big piece that helped me a lot.

She also helped me design my food plan for my big sheep hunt.

At 51, I was by far in the best shape in my life and I felt better than I ever have."


"I’m well on my way to checking off all my goals and adding more to the list. I got my cougar this winter. Something I’ve waited so long to do and sacrificed a lot for. This was a huge accomplishment for me. 

 I know I’m ready to pack in heavy and come out heavier on my big horn hunt this coming fall. My bull moose is on my list for 2022 and I can undoubtedly say I’m ready for that feat as well. I’ve lost over 20 lbs and 30+ inches and my mind and body are finally working in cohesion. 

 You can find the help you need to build yourself in to the person you’ve always imagined. 

 You can become Unstoppable. Bristol Bay Fitness is worth it. You are worth it. "